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Birth Doula Weber County



Scope of Practice

Discuss the scope of being a birth doula.

Doula Davis County


Learn what your role is as an advocate as in the birthing space.

Doula Weber County

Labor Progress & Stages

Have a good understanding of the birthing process.

Doula Morgan County

Labor Support Techniques

Comfort measures and how to support the birthing process.

Massage Therapist Doula


Know the options, the risks and the benefits.

Doula Clearfield

Cesarean Birth & Vbac Support

How to support these unique situations.

Doula Ogden

Prenatal Support

Doula support during pregnancy. 

Doula Northern Utah

Unexpected Outcomes & Grief

Supporting loss and other unexpected situations.

Doula Layton

Breastfeeding Basics

Assisting with the breastfeeding process. 

Doula Near Me

Postpartum Recovery & Support

What does support look like during the postpartum time. 

Doula West Point


What to know about newborn procedures and how to support the parents. 

Doula Clinton

Doula Life

Life on-call and how to avoid burnout.


Doula Utah

Your Doula Business

Creating a heart centered thriving doula biz. 

Doula Box Elder County

Book Recommendations & Podcasts

An amazing list of great resources.

Doula Support

And So Much More...

Haha… the endless wormholes of doula work. 

Best Doula Near Me

Have You Ever Wanted To Become A Doula?

Well now is the time! More and more people are looking for natural options and support for these options.... especially in the birthing spaces.

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