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This is a special opportunity for my birth and postpartum doula clients to get discounted private yoga sessions. I offer private prenatal yoga sessions in my basement yoga studio in Clearfield to help you prepare for labor and birth. These sessions are designed to improve your strength, flexibility, endurance and make you more comfortable as you approach childbirth. The best part? It's just us in the room, so no one will know when you're having a contraction or that you sneaked off to do some supported squats! This can also help your body be ready for labor, feeling strong and ready to push a baby out!


For my birth and postpartum doula clients, it is $25 a sesion when bought in a bundle of 5. 


If you want to come in for these classes outside of being a doula client it is $50/1 hr private lesson

  • Benefits of prenatal yoga during pregnancy 

    • Improves sleep
    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    • Increases strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth
    • Decreases low back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath
    • Prep your body for an easier delivery
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