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What can a postpartum doula do? So much! And it's not just about the baby... Being pregnant and having a baby is an intense time for women; many don't get enough rest, and tend to put their needs almost last.  After you deliver your baby I will help you rest and recover by taking care of your home and other children if you have them, cooking meals and snacks so you have time to get some rest, running errands and pick up other things you may need from the store or pharmacy. I will keep your house clean and organized so that you have time to rest as well. Being at home can also be very isolating for new parents. If you're having a hard time getting out into the world, I can lend a hand with shopping, transportation or household organization that might otherwise feel too overwhelming right now.


$720 for 6 visits 4 hours each or 4 visits 6 hours each ($30 per hour - normally $35) this price is based on my service area

  • During postpartum doula services I come to your home and help with cooking, cleaning and taking care of you, your baby or other children while you rest and recover. I am not offering overnight shifts at this time but plan to in the future. 

    Planning for your postpartum can make a huge difference on your health and recovery. Create your village. 

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